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Rob Pilatus Forever

Despite claims Rob was born June 8th 1964 NOT 1965 or 1966

Again despite claims Rob was born in Munich, Germany and NOT New York.

Many people do not know Rob had a son.


Robs blood mother was white German, his father was African, American who was a solider who met Robs mother in Germany in 1963, Robs mother was a striper at the time some say even a prostitute and Robs father was a client looking for some enjoyment for his short stay over, the two had a one off fling and Robs mother became pregnant with him, not knowing what to do in such hard times, as soon as Rob was born he was put in home for young children, in and out of various foster and childrens homes Rob was taken by a German family who adopted him and gave him their family name 'Pilatus',

Rob was some what hard growing up, being one of very few mixed race children growing up and being adopted Rob found it very hard to fit in, getting trouble in school was something Rob did allot, maybe it was is only outlet for attention. When Rob got to his teens he was wanting to break away and be free, sad at home he ran away lots of times staying at friends houses for weeks at a time, sleeping on their sofas, waiting to be aloud back by his father (adoption father).

Rob when he got a bit older as a young adult he was working in different jobs from working at Wendys and later as a beak dancer, in and out of clubs trying to find passion in life just dancing the nights away, just making enough money to live, until one night in a Munich nightclub Rob met who would later be his other half in music,

The French born dancer 'Fabrice Morvan' or to most people 'Fab', Rob and Fab hit it off instantly both lacking money and on the looking for fame and fortune, they decided they would make ago at it together, homeless and poor in 1987the two were dancing at nightclubs and bars also singing cover songs to make that bit extra money when they thought they would make even more money modeling, after a few shoots the two thought it wasnt for them Rob even quoted they were too short and had to stand on yellow pages for the shoots, still wanting money and fame they decide music would be something to try , at the time they hung out with student musicians who told them they could get a record deal easy Rob and Fab thought it would be good idea in late 1988 the two met music producer Frank Farian who told them they would be given singing lessons and could start recording in no time, eager and desperate Rob and Fab almost immediately said yes and signed the contract but would later regret signing without a legal attorney simply because they had no money for one, after signing the contract the producer decided things would be easier and money saving to hire American singers, so not being able to get out the contract and being locked out he recording studio Rob and Fab have to be only the faces for 'Milli Vanilli'

, a few weeks later and 'All or Nothing' was made the first album released in Europe on the BMG label in November 1988.. In 1989, it was repackaged and retiled Girl You Know It's True for release in the United States on the Arista label, with several of the original album tracks replaced or remixed. Not knowing it would mean anything Milli Vanilli was an instant hit The first Milli Vanilli platinum album was Girl You Know It's True which became a worldwide hit. The album produced five hit singles including three number 1 hits, "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You", "Baby Don't Forget My Number" and "Blame It on the Rain".Milli Vanilli won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist on February 21, 1990 for "Girl You Know It's True". Rob and Fab were living in London, England, while there Rob met a woman named Lisa in no time they quickly became a couple Lisa also bore to Rob their first and only child a baby boy however there was still trouble in the business front, Despite the enormous success, the duo were a frequent target of rumors and allegations of on-stage lip-synching and not having sung on the album. Charles Shaw, one of the actual vocalists of Milli Vanilli, told a reporter about the truth of the group's secret, but later retracted his statement after Farian paid him $150,000. When Pilatus and Morvan pressured Farian to let them sing on the next album, Farian revealed the truth to reporters on November 15, 1990 that Pilatus and Morvan did not actually sing on the records and their voices were dubbed. Milli Vanilli's Grammy award was withdrawn four days later, and Arista Records dropped the act from its roster and deleted their album and songs from their catalog, making Girl You Know It's True the largest-selling album to ever be taken out of print. A court ruling in the United States allowed anyone who had bought the album to get a refund.

Farian would later attempt a failed comeback for the group without Pilatus and Morvan. Months after the scandal, Pilatus and Morvan appeared in a commercial for CareFree Sugarless Gum. The duo begins to lip sync to an opera record. An announcer asks while they are lip synching, "How long does the taste of CareFree Sugarless Gum last?" The record then begins to skip and then the announcer answers, "Until these guys sing themselves. In the years following the demise of Milli Vanilli, Pilatus struggled with substance abuse and suicide attempts. After the duo's unsuccessful comeback attempt, they stopped speaking. In 1996, Pilatus served three months in jail for assault, vandalism, and attempted robbery. He also spent six months in drug rehabilitation, before returning to Germany

Sadly on April 2, 1998, Pilatus was found dead of a suspected alcohol and prescription pill overdose in a Frankfurt hotel room. Robs death was ruled accidental, he is now resting in peace with his parents in Waldfriedhof M√ľnchen (Munich)

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